5 Year Forecasts of Road Freight Cost by Segments and Carbon Economy Impact: Your Need To Know 

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Introducing: A New Information Service For You

Gauging Future Cost Structures of the Australian Road Freight Industry

The challenges for road freight

The road freight transport industry in Australia will experience significant challenges in the future that will affect both shippers and transport companies. The NEED TO KNOW is fast becoming the one critical criterion for profitable and competitive operations.

Are these some of your challenges as a shipper?

  • Contract negotiations with capable and knowledgeable providers of transport services;
  • Budgeting and planning road transport spend;
  • Transport companies that can deliver the service they talk about; and
  • Chain of Responsibility liability.

Are these some of your challenges as a transport company?

  • Profitable contracts with clients;
  • Truck utilisation;
  • Contract negotiations with staff;
  • Environmental legislation;
  • Operating Constraints; and
  • Poor linkages between clients and their customers.

Overcoming these challenges requires knowledge and information about the road freight industry – this is what TransEco provides for companies and government throughout Australia.

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Road freight cost outlook report

  • TransEco Road Freight Cost Outlook Service (TRFCOS) was developed due to a demonstrated need for industry to understand is future cost structures.
  • Typically used for budgeting and planning purpose and development of competitive strategies.
  • TransEco has been monitoring road freight cost changes in Australia for the last 18 years, consequently in a strong position to develop causal econometric models to forecast road freight costs.
  • Forecast series are reported on a financial year basis with 2009-10 as the base year in most cases.

Click here for Executive Summary of May 2011 Inaugural Report

Road freight cost outlook quarterly report

This inaugural report provides road freight cost outlook for the following cost inputs: labour, fuel, tyres, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle capital, insurance and registration. The report concludes with an analysis of the impact of the carbon economy on road freight transport operators and their clients. For each of the inputs, five year projections based on causal econometric models, are provided by linehaul and shorthaul market segments. Appendix 1 provides summary cost outlook by market segment, while Appendix 5 outlines 5 year forecast of B-Double operating costs.

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